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Wondering why you should line your pool deck with travertine natural stone pavers?
There are a handful of reasons, from the stone’s functionality to its good looks.

Travertine is an insulator

Hate how the bricks or cement of your pool area get ridiculously hot under the blazing sun? Switching to travertine eliminates this problem. Travertine reflects the heat from sunrays while absorbing the cool of the ground underneath it.
This way, even on the hottest day of the summer, you won’t burn your toes walking on the patio.

The stone is slip-proof

Aside from being cool to the touch, travertine pavers have another advantage: You won’t have to worry about falling on your rear end with them in place.
Due to the porous quality of the stone’s surface, the pieces absorb water, preventing any hazardous puddles from forming around your pool deck. Additionally, this absorption prevents possible flooding from making a lake out of your patio.
If you have kids, this safe surface is a definite perk. Water inevitably splashes across a pool deck so having a slip-free playing ground can give parents some peace of mind.

Natural pavers look fantastic

Beside from the pavers’ practical advantages, they also offer aesthetic perks. The stonework, offered in a multitude of colours and styles, will look fantastic alongside your pool.
Don’t forget another design advantage of using travertine for your pool deck: pool coping. You can match the edge of the pool with the rest of the patio by coping it with the same travertine blend. With these pieces in place, your pool couldn’t look better.
In the end, what’s not to love about these pavers? Between their form and their function, they make the perfect foundation for any pool patio.