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About Travertine Tiles Warehouse:

Why are your prices so cheap?!

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we aim to make our great quality travertine and limestone as accessible as possible for everyday Australians. That is our mission. Therefore, we have gotten the reputation for the cheapest travertine tiles and pavers in Australia!

However, this does NOT mean that we have compromised on quality. Rather, the opposite…

We work directly with the best quarries from around the world. As the direct contact, there are NO middle men here. We are not just a mere stone retailer like our competitors. Therefore, we save a considerable amount of money and make sure our customers are reaping the savings instead.

Keep an eye out for any sales and specials. These happen if we need to clear stock out of our warehouse to make way for new stone.


Where do you get your travertine stone from?

Our current travertine stock are from a few premium quarries in Turkey.

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we travel the world to source the best quality travertine and limestone for you. We deal directly with the quarries for quality control and that they meet Australian and New Zealand standards.

Where is your showroom/head office/warehouse?

We operate out of the one location at: 2/12 Princes Highway, Doveton VIC.

If you’re nearby, please drop in and say hi! We’re open Monday – Friday (7.30am – 5pm) and Saturdays (9am – 4pm). Closed on Sundays and Victorian public holidays.

We encourage you to take the time to have a look, feel and make an informed decision. You’re also welcome to pick up some free samples to take home.

Our site in the Stone & Slate Discounts showroom also includes other stone options such as bluestone, granite and sandstone.

All our products are available for delivery Australia wide.

What happens if my travertine/limestone arrives damaged on delivery?

We will replace the stone for you free of charge. 

What is your refund policy?

If you’ve bought products and you’ve changed your mind, you’re welcome to get a refund. If the product has been laid or installed, we cannot offer a refund. Please take the time to check your products once they’ve been delivered.

I'm not from Australia. Can still order products from here?

Unfortunately not. Sorry :'(

About our Travertine products:

What is travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone (made in a similar way to limestone). It is a rock deposited from hot springs.

The colours range from beige, white, cream to silver, grey and charcoal depending on the type of travertine stone.

In its most natural form, travertine stone has holes and voids in the surface. Some renovators choose to have these holes filled for personal aesthetic reasons.

Travertine has been used around the world for thousands of years as a versatile building material. The most classic example is the Colosseum in Rome (which is made entirely from travertine stone).

It has always been a popular building stone because it has many practical properties. Travertine is known for being a very strong, durable stone. It is also weather and water resistant. 

Bringing travertine into the home is known for increasing the overall value due to it’s quality and mass appeal.

What's the difference between travertine and limestone?

The difference between travertine and limestone are listed here:

  • Travertine is a form of limestone. Limestone is formed at the bottom of lakes and oceans. Whereas, limestone that is made from thermal hot springs is known as travertine stone. 
  • When travertine is formed, the thermal springs typically create holes and voids in the stone. Limestone is formed from lakes and oceans, therefore it doesn’t have these surface holes. 
  • Travertine has a higher resistance to scratching, heat and stains.
What on earth is enchancer / French Pattern / sealer / honed etc?

For all the handy tiling terms you only need to know (and no jardon), visit The Travertine Tiles Dictionary here.

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