White limestone outdoor pavers that form a path.
White pavers laid outside around a backyard seating area.
White outdoor pavers with a black outdoor table set.
White outdoor pavers with a black outdoor table set.

Capri Limestone White Tiles, Pavers & Pool Coping:

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White Limestone

For chic understated elegance, choose Capri Limestone white tiles & pavers…

They have a chic universal appeal. Unlike the Shell White Pavers & Tiles, the Capri has an almost flat consistent texture. This is a great style of tile for those who want to achieve a minimalist modern look with the luxurious look and feel of natural stone.

The white temperature of these tiles and pavers is slightly warm natural white hue (not a very stark white).

As well as looking stunning, these white pavers and tiles are also practical. They are cool underfoot which makes them comfortable in summer when walking barefoot around your pool.

In addition, these pavers and tiles are extremely tough and durable. This means you they will retain their form and won’t crack like cheap man made substitutes like porcelain or concrete.



Capri White Limestone tiles and pavers are easy to clean and maintain. Simply sweep clean any dirt.

For a more thorough clean, travertine responds well to high pressure washing. Use a mild solution of detergent mixed with water to help get any dirt and grime off your white limestone tiles and pavers.

Do NOT use Hydrachloric Acid as it may cause pitting on the surface of your tiles.

Sealing will also help to make cleaning easier and maintain the pristine look of your Capri white limestone tiles and stone pavers.

Limestone pavers and tiles are naturally tough. However, we always recommend applying a sealer for peace of mind. Especially if you’re using these tiles for flooring in high spill areas such as a dining room, kitchen or outdoor entertaining area.

Tile sealer offers additional protection and also makes ongoing cleaning a lot quicker and easier.

Apply tile sealer on your limestone pavers before applying your tile grout.  This is recommended as it will also make cleaning up after grouting a lot easier.

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we also stock tile enhancers suitable for limestone. Tile enhancers are great if you want to make your tiles appear lighter or darker whilst providing added protection.

Great quality tile sealers and tile enhancers are also available for purchase at Travertine Tiles Warehouse.

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There will never be any man made fillers or cheap substitutes in any of our stone products. 

As a commitment to quality, our stone experts deal directly with the world’s best quarries.

All our stone meets stringent standards for residential and commercial use in Australia and New Zealand.

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we stand by the quality of all our products