Travertine Outdoor Tiles

These are the perfect outdoor tiles for adding warmth and interest your patio, path and driveway. Regardless of whether your outdoor design is modern or traditional in style, travertine tiles have a classic complementary seamless look. If you have a swimming pool, extend the look with travertine pool coping.

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Useful terms to know about outdoor tiles:

Tumbled and unfilled

Travertine tiles that are referred to as tumbled and unfilled means they’re made to show off their distinct natural features. Therefore, all their crevices and holes are exposed. Many customers prefer this look as it brings out the natural textures that is iconic in travertine stone. Additionally, this creates a warm, natural and rustic appeal. if you want to achieve a flatter tile surface, we recommend layering grout over the top of the tiles.

French Pattern

A beautiful, eye-catching arrangement of tiles made up of 400 x 400mm, 600 x 400mm, 400 x 200mm and 200 x 200mm tiles. This has become a popular tile arrangement for both indoor and outdoor tiles.


If you’re unsure of any other tile terms, visit see the Travertine Tile Dictionary.

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Why choose travertine tiles for your outdoor area

Looking for a premium stone at an affordable price? Travertine stone not only has warmth and a timeless appeal, they are strong and durable. Additionally, it will create a seamless look in your home design. So as you can see, travertine tiles are an ideal selection.  ...

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