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Drop Face Pool Coping Tiles & Pavers

Also, these pool coping tile are great for travertine stone capping and travertine step treads.


Get inspired with travertine drop down pool coping (rebate):

Drop Face Pool Coping

Create a modern oasis with the clean lines of travertine drop face pool coping

Drop face pool coping is a style of pool coping where the edge “drops” over into the pool at a right angle. Therefore, it gives your pool clean straight lines along its perimeter. As a result, your pool appears more sleek and modern.

This is in contrast to bullnose pool coping where the edges are completely rounded. Therefore, if you have a traditional style pool and home design, we recommend considering the later. However, there are also traditional pools that pull off the drop face look marvelously.

Hide those unsightly adhesive lines…

Due to its distinctive “drop”, this style of pool coping has the handy benefit of covering up adhesive lines along the inside edge of a swimming pool. Although it is a small line detail and can typically only be seen from when you’re inside the pool, it makes the overall look appear tidier and more minimalist.

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, you can choose the length of your drop. This is because we make all our pool coping locally from our warehouse in Doveton VIC.

Feel free to give us a call: (03) 9706 9767 or leave a message here if you have a particular pool coping look in mind.