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travertine bullnose pavers and tiles for pools
White pool coping tiles around an aqua pool.
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Bullnose Tiles & Pavers for Pool Coping / Stone Capping

Huge range of travertine bullnose pool coping tiles and pavers to choose from! 

Get inspired with travertine bullnose pool coping:

Bullnose Pool Coping


Create a warm inviting swimming pool look with bullnose pool coping…

Bullnose pool coping is distinctive due to its completely rounded edge. In contrast to drop face pool coping, it has no sharp looking edges and rounds off nicely along the edge of a pool.

As well as pool coping, many savvy renovators have also used these for creating edges on steps and paths.

As well as being lovely to look at, bullnose pool coping has some practical benefits too.

Bullnose pool coping has a simple yet ergonomic design…

Due to its rounded edge, it feels comfortable when jumping out of a pool. This is because the bullnose edge molds perfectly around your hands as you lift yourself out of the pool.

Additionally, when standing barefoot on the edge of the pool before you dive in, your toes mold well against the rounded edge. You can also sit comfortably on the edge of the pool without any hard edges digging into your skin.


Choose travertine bullnose copers for practical and versatile pool coping…



As a landscaper, dealing with these guys was the best. They went above and beyond to work with me to get the best travertine paving result to suit my client. The customer service was beyond what I expected.
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Very impressed with my travertine tiles in the patio and pool area. Looks absolutely stunning! Steve was a great help. Great company - highly recommended!!
Maria Logothetis

At last... GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! We sent you our building plans and you took the time to calculate how much we need as well as the best travertine to suit. Steve & Sophia - you did an excellent job. Looks perfect!
John & Patricia Redding

Searched all over Sydney for cheapest good quality tiles and couldn't believe I found them here. The delivery was very easy and even beat our local prices. Well be back ūüôā
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