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We've had THOUSANDS of happy customers!

For over 35+ years, we've helped thousands of landscapers, architects and renovators get the best quality travertine at the cheapest prices in Melbourne!

"Staff were very friendly. Customer service are second to none, happy to help with the silly questions i had and they gave great advice. Great company/team, i would highly recommend and definitely use this company again. Thank you."

Ismael Wright

"I bought a large quantity of Ivory travertine tiles which were double the price everywhere else i looked. I must admit i was originally a little skeptical however, product was outstanding quality and a great price."

David Jones

"Sheridan worked out exactly what I needed & sent a breakdown showing she’d provided the amount to cover the area, allowed for corners & spare pieces. She also organised transport to Lane Cove. Great to know staff are well trained & knowledgeable. I’ll recommend them to friends & family!"

Nick & Loz




There will never be any man made fillers or cheap substitutes in any of our stone products. 


As a commitment to quality, our stone experts deal directly with the world's best quarries.


All our stone meets stringent standards for residential and commercial use in Australia and New Zealand.

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we stand by the quality of all our products.



Where can travertine tiles be used?

Travertine tiles and pavers can be used in practically any application! Indeed, they are very versaTILE. However, if you are unsure, feel free to contact the Stone Experts on: (03) 9706 9767.

Typically, they are installed as floor pavers or wall tiles. They can easily be used indoors and outdoors. So, they can be easily integrated into your indoor and outdoor areas to create a seamless, continuous design in your home.

For outdoors, because they are strong and weather resistant, they can be installed practically anywhere. They make excellent pool pavers, pool coping, alfresco paving, house facade wall cladding, stone retaining walls etc!

Indoors, travertine tiles look amazing. You can use them for fireplaces, feature walls, niche stone wall cladding, bathroom stone tiles, kitchen splash backs, kitchen floors and so much more.

With these versatile stone tiles and pavers, you are limited by your imagination!

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we stock a wide range of travertine and limestone. So, you’re sure to find colours and styles to suit your unique home design.

If you’re unsure, call our team of stone experts on: (03) 9706 9767.


Why choose us?






Why you should choose us:




Welcome to the place where you’ll find the best quality natural stone tiles and pavers in Melbourne…




All our stone products adhere to strict Australian industry standards


This includes both residential and commercial use. Therefore, we guarantee there are no cheap short cuts or imitation stone here – all our stone is guaranteed 100% natural stone.




We’re famous for the lowest prices in Australia!


Our prices are low because we deal directly with quarries all over the world. So, at our stone tile shop, there’s no middle man. Also, this means that we quality control everything that we import to ensure you get the best quality tiles and pavers. Unlike other tiling shops, we are not just a tile retailer.


If you find a better price on stone of the same quality, please let us know and we will beat it!  Without a doubt, we will continue to uphold our reputation for having the lowest priced stone tiles, pavers and pool coping in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide as well as all of Australia!




We’re a local, knowledgeable team of stone experts here to help you


Our tight knit long-serving team is lead by a master stonemason and tiler. Above all, we completely understand the ins and outs of designing with natural stone. Moreover, we make the complexities easy to understand translated in plain English. So, feel free to contact us for any advice on natural stone, tiling and pool coping. We are here to help you get the best result with your stone tiles and pavers!


If you have a question or need advice, feel free to ask our friendly and experienced customer service team by calling: (03) 9706 9767 (Monday – Friday 7.30am – 5pm & Saturdays 9am – 4pm). We are closed all public holidays unless stated otherwise.


Alternatively, leave us a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible.



How can I use travertine?

Travertine tiles are an excellent and versatile material for furnishing your home and outdoor area. As indoor tiles, they are a great choice for your flooring. They have been popular for creating natural warmth, and interesting textures to homes. These indoor stone tiles have a universal timeless appeal. Many renovators all over the world love the way travertine tiles look luxurious in their home interior design.

Indoor travertine tiles are commonly used for flooring.

Additionally, they are a popular flooring solution for the bathroom, laundry, family room, dining room and kitchen floor tiles. Additionally, many renovators and designers love to show off their stone by using it as an indoor feature wall or arranging above the fireplace as a focal point.

Adding travertine tiles in your home is an upgrade that will ultimately pay off by increasing the value of your property.

If you choose to use travertine tiles indoors, we highly recommend you use them outdoors as well. As a result, this will create a seamless look inside and outdoors.

As outdoor tiles, travertine is one of the best stones you can get…

This is because they are extremely durable and weather resistant.

Also, our travertine pool coping is incredibly popular.

This is because travertine, unlike other stone tiles, has a safe, natural non-slip surface. So, in areas where there’s a lot of water such as swimming pools, spas and ponds – you need to be careful especially if you have young children.

As pool coping, travertine is ideal due to its cool to touch surface. For example, in summer (when you are likely going to use your pool the most), the stone will not absorb the sun’s heat as much. Travertine pool coping is cooler due to picking up the temperature of the earth underneath the tiles. Therefore, you can avoid gripping onto a burning hot surface when you climb outside your pool. Also, nothing is worse than quickly tiptoeing barefoot across burning pool tiles! And if you have furry friends, don’t forget about their feet in the heat!

Outdoor travertine tiles look amazing in an alfresco and outdoor entertaining area. They can also take a lot of foot traffic. However, if you plan on entertaining a lot outdoors, we recommend that you also seal your tiles and pavers.

Even though travertine tiles and pavers are strong, sealing tiles will help further protect them from spills and chipping. They also come in a wide range of colours, cuts and styles.

We have a large range to choose from…

If there is a specific look you want to achieve, feel free to contact us: (03) 9706 9796. We know you’ll be more than happy with your natural stone tiles and pavers in your home and backyard.

What is Travertine?


It is is a sedimentary rock created naturally from hot springs in a similar way to limestone.

For thousands of years, it has been a popular architectural construction material. The most famous example is the Colosseum in Rome which is the biggest travertine structure in the world. Furthermore, it has continued to be a popular stone choice nowadays for a variety of indoor applications such as bathroom tiling, kitchen tiles, family room flooring and stone feature walls. Outdoor travertine tiles, have been used for tiling pergolas, pool coping, pool pavers, driveway tiles, alfrescos and paving.

As well as having unique natural beauty, outdoor travertine tiles and pavers are the most practical choice. They are popular due to their famous safe non-slip surface and being a hardy material. Rain, hail or shine – you can be confident your outdoor stone tiles and pavers will withstand the elements.

As outdoor tiles and pavers, they are worth the investment and quality it will add to your backyard.

In addition, travertine stack stone, has been used to enhance the kerb appeal for homes all over Australia.

Also, part of its classic appeal is the natural soft colours and distinct texture composed of sporadic holes and voids. Hence, this has made it a popular choice for those who want to evoke a classic, rustic appeal in their interior design and backyards. Although, some customers prefer to fill the voids with grout.

Depending on personal preference, some renovators may choose to fill these natural holes with grout for flatter natural stone tiles. So, if you’re needing tiles for indoor applications such as kitchen floor tiling or bathroom tiling. As a result, we recommend choosing our honed and filled tiles. Honed and filled tiles are great for indoors because they’re holes and voids have been removed so the tiles have a completely flat, smooth veneer. Above all, the tiles make it easier to sweep clean without dirt and grime getting caught up in the little holes.

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Where does Travertine Tiles Warehouse Deliver?

Delivery of stone tiles Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond!

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we deliver tiles and pavers to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Cairns, Geelong and everywhere in between!

We offer convenient Australia wide delivery. This includes all our stone pavers, tiles and pool coping. So, we do it for you quickly and easy in store!

Our showroom and warehouse is located in Melbourne. However, it doesn’t matter where you are – our tiles, pavers and pool coping is available wherever in Australia you are.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine pavers and tiles are a great addition to your home design. They come in a variety of colours and styles. These include ivory travertine tiles, silver travertine, noce travertine, limestone tiles and more!

So, you are sure to find a look that you love at Travertine Tiles Warehouse! As a result, travertine pavers and tiles just look amazing in any application. 

Typically, travertine has a warm classical appeal. So, it is comparable to the little black dress of stone tiles.

With natural travertine, you will find small sporadic holes/voids in the surface of the pavers and tiles. These occur naturally. Therefore, they are not considered defects. Many renovators view this as a natural decorative feature. However, you can choose to get these holes filled with tile grout if you wish.

Feel free to contact our Stone Experts for help and advice. Call: (03) 9706 9767.



Travertine Tiles

For versatile and beautiful stone tiles, you can’t go past travertine. As well as being practical outdoor pavers, travertine indoor tiles are an excellent choice. 

Indoor travertine tiles are great for lots of uses. These include: feature walls, facades, fireplace wall cladding, kitchen splash backs, bathroom tiling and stone floor tiles.

Travertine, like most natural stone, is encouraging good feng shui energy in the home. 

As an interior design feature, travertine tiles look sensational. This natural stone is a classic ‘safe’ option that will never date. So, it will always have a timeless appeal and elegance. There is nothing more luxurious then the look and feel of 100% natural travertine stone tiles and pavers.

At Travertine Tiles Pavers Warehouse, you will only find 100% natural Australian Certified Travertine stone tiles and pavers. We will always stand by the quality of our pure travertine stone.

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