white pool coping tiles and pavers in Melbourne, sydney and brisbane
White Limestone pavers laid outside in between grass.
Shell white tiles used as across a wall with a wooden bench.
Cheap travertine tiles around a pool area.
white pool tiles and white pavers
white travertine pavers & tiles

Shell White Travertine Tiles, Pavers & Pool Coping


Great range of travertine indoor tiles great for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiling and other floor tiles!

travertine tiles white pavers outdoor pool coping tiles

Enhance your home with the luxury of Shell Limestone White Tiles & Pavers…

Within the white tiles are natural subtle beige flecks which evoke warmth and character. Coupled with their tumbled edges, you can create a retreat in your home or outdoor area.

Unlike travertine, these tiles naturally have no cat’s paw or pitting in the stone. Therefore, it has a consistant flat surface which makes it easier for cleaning.

As well as being beautiful, these white pavers and tiles are also a practical tiling solution. They have a safe non slip surface. This makes them suitable for laying outside and around a pool.

Additionally, (like travertine) these limestone tiles have a cool to touch surface. This is because the stone absorbs the temperature from the sun. In contrast, other tiles and pavers typically absorb the heat from the sun which can make them hard to walk on in bare feet in summer.

So, as well as being beautiful, our unique Shell Limestone White Pavers & Tiles are a smart tiling selection.