Tumbled Square Edge Travertine Pool Coping Tiles


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Travertine stone tiles laid around a dark blue pool.
Pool coping tiles & pavers in Melbourne
Travertine square edge pool coping tiles.

Enhance the appeal of travertine with tumbled pool coping…

For a minimalist finish to your pool, tumbled travertine pool coping is the way to go.

Tumbled pool coping means the edge is cut without a drop face or feature. As a result, this pool coping enhances the texture of the travertine stone. However, all the sharp edges have been taken off. So, it makes it easy to grip onto when disembarking from the pool. Therefore, it’s great if you aren’t keen on rounded edges of bullnose pool coping.

It’s a versatile pool coping option. Subsequently, its minimalism makes it transitional for a variety of pool styles – traditional or modern.

In addition, many renovators use these pool coping tiles as edges for steps and porches.

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