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Tiles, Pavers & Pool Coping

For understated luxurious stone with warm tones, you can’t go passed Ivory Travertine…

It is the most popular style of travertine due to its neutral warm colour palette which allows for easy transitional styling in your home and outdoor area. It’s been installed in thousands of Aussie homes and properties.

More about Ivory Travertine...

Ivory Travertine colours typically range from white, cream, beige and tan.

You can’t go wrong with the classic appeal of Ivory Travertine. It’s a great addition for all outdoor and indoor applications. This includes travertine tile flooring, stone feature walls, outdoor pavers, stepping stones, pool pavers and pool coping. With these versatile tiles, you can do almost anything. If you have a question about your renovation project, feel free to give us a call: (03) 9706 9796.

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Tiles, Pavers & Pool Coping

Can I order a sample of Ivory Travertine?

Absolutely! Click here to order your FREE sample of Ivory Travertine and fill out the form. 

The team at Travertine Tiles Warehouse will get back to you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, travertine stone samples are only available to Australian locations at this point in time. However, if you are from outside of Australia, please get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do.

Where can I use Ivory Travertine?

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we have a large range of travertine, and in particular Ivory Travertine. 

With the tiles and pavers listed below, they can be used almost anywhere. If you have a question about whether they can be used for your renovation, get in touch with us: (03) 9706 9796.

However, for Ivory Honed & Filled Travertine, we highly recommend that they are not used for pool tiling (particularly pool paving and pool coping). This is because they’ve been smoothed out and have less grip than standard travertine tiles. As a result, they have a higher slip rating. For other applications such as kitchen floors, bathroom floors, walls and stone splashbacks – they work well.

What grout is best for Ivory Travertine tiles and pavers?

For travertine, we recommend using a grout that is the same or similar colour to make the stone textures stand out. For Ivory Travertine tiles, this is typically a cream or white grout colour.

However, some renovators choose to use a contrasting coloured grout. There are many different tile grout colours to choose from. You can create your own unique look with tile grout if you wish.

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we have a large range of tile grout to choose from. Get in contact with us: (03) 9706 9796. Our stone experts can help you get the look you’re after.

Can I change the colour of Ivory Travertine?

You can change the colour of your travertine stone with the tile sealer.

With lightening or darkening tile sealer, you can alter the shade of your Ivory Travertine tiles and pavers. Once you’ve got the tile sealer, it’s easy to apply straight on the tiles.

If you’d like to purchase these travertine tile sealers, we have plenty in stock. Make an enquiry: (03) 9707 9796.

If you’d like a more dramatic look from Ivory Travertine, see our range of other travertine colours here.


Browse Travertine & Limestone Tiles Samples:

Ivory Travertine

A classic timeless travertine style with warm textures and gradients. The colours range from off white, creams and light tan.

Many renovators love the warmth and classic archaic style it evokes.

Its subtle enough for easy transitional styling whilst still having character.

Silver Travertine

For a more dramatic silvery look, choose Silver Travertine. Many people liken it to "marble look" but with the practical benefits of travertine. 

The colours range from silver, grey and charcoal.

It looks sensational as pool coping and pool pavers as it enhances the blue colour of the pool water.


Capri White Limestone

Capri White Limestone tiles and pavers are minimalist in design. They have the occasional natural fleck or feature. The colours range from a stark to warm white with light grey subtle features.

They look dazzling outside especially when reflecting from the sun. For this reason, renovators tend to choose darker hues of limestone or travertine for outdoor applications.


Capri White Limestone

This beautiful white limestone features many silvery grey flecks and features. It's very much like Capri White Limestone with more aesthetic textures.

Outside in unshaded areas, these tiles, pavers and pool copes look dazzling in the sun. Some people tend to find this too bright and reflective.  Otherwise they are a very versatile and hardy material.

Oyster Travertine

Oyster Travertine is much like Silver Travertine but with more warm tones featured throughout. It is less monochromatic with more cream, tan and grey features.


Pearl Grey Limestone

These beautiful silvery, grey tones make for easy styling in both traditional and modern home designs. This versatile tiles and pavers look and feel luxurious and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Antique Travertine

Antique Travertine tiles and pavers look like a more dramatic version of the classic Ivory Travertine. If you want to create more drama and depth, this is a great style of travertine to choose.

The colours include the warm cream hues of travertine mixed with grey features.

Many of our customers love using this as an internal feature wall or fireplace feature.


Noce Travertine

Add warmth and depth to your home design with Noce Travertine tiles, pavers and pool coping. It features deeper walnut coloured hues.


Our travertine tiles and pavers can be express posted to anywhere you may be in Australia. We offer this service absolutely FREE to you...

If you're not from Victoria (or can't make it to our showroom in Melbourne), we highly recommend that you order some free samples from a travertine and/or limestone tiles that you like. This means that you can make an informed decision before you purchase your tiles and pavers.

When you order your free travertine samples, you can see and feel the quality of our stone. Also, we encourage you to take the sample and put it against the surface where you wish to tile. While doing so, take into consideration the way the sun hits it, the way it looks in juxtaposition with your furnishings and how it feels.

We love giving away our free stone tile samples all over Australia. This is because our customers and see and feel our great quality stone in person. We stand by the quality of our travertine and limestone tiles and pavers. Order a FREE stone sample today, you won't be disappointed!

If you would like to order multiple samples, leave a message here or call us: (03) 9706 9767

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