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Travertine Image Gallery

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Antique Travertine Tiles & Pavers

With Antique Travertine, you can get a dramatic look with little effort. The striking natural textures look like an enhanced version of Ivory Travertine – with dark flecks and fibres running through the surface of these striking tiles and pavers. 

When laid adjacent to a pool as pool pavers and/or pool coping, these travertine tiles bring warmth and sophistication to your swimming pool. The rich, warm textures contrast with the blue tones of your pool water. Many renovators love creating a Mediterranean style retreat, Mexican villa or Ancient Roman bathhouse look.

These tiles are sure to make a grand impact on your space. Get ready to WOW with Antique Travertine tiles and pavers.

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Ivory Travertine Tiles & Pavers

For timeless appeal and luxury, Ivory Travertine pavers and tiles are sure to impress. The colours typically range from creams, whites and light tans – like a vanilla latte. These tones are warm and inviting but also classically understated enough for easy, transitional styling.

Regardless of whether you have a modern or traditional home design, Ivory Travertine