Pearl Limestone Grey Pavers & Tiles


About Pearl Limestone Grey Pavers & Tiles

✓ Safe Non Slip Surface      ✓ Cool Underfoot      ✓ Weather Resistant      ✓ Matching Pool Coping

Limestone is formed in a similar way to travertine. Therefore these tiles share the same strength, low slip rating, weather resistant and other practical benefits.

These stunning grey pavers and tiles are a great option if you aren’t keen on the surface holes found typically in travertine stone. With their flat (non slip) surface it makes it easier to sweep and mop clean.

As outdoor paving, these tiles are practical as much as they are beautiful…

Regardless of where you are located; rain, hail or shine these tiles will withstand the elements. If you experience extreme weather conditions such as tropical Brisbane temperatures or temperamental Melbourne weather – you can be confident that these tiles will keep their shape. With other stone options such as marble, this is not the case.

Even though limestone tiles and pavers are tough, we recommend applying stone tile sealer. Limestone (like all natural stone products), is porous. This means that if you drop liquid on its surface it is going to absorb. This is especially important in areas where you are eating and drinking as well as pool areas. Applying sealer will ensure that your limestone tiles, pavers and pool coping always look in pristine condition. For more information about sealing, select the tab above.

These tiles have a natural non-slip surface. This makes these limestone pavers ideal for paving around pools and other outdoor areas. If you’re using these tiles for surrounding your pool, transition the look by pairing with matching pool coping. At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we have matching grey pool coping / stone capping in tumbled, drop face (rebate) and bullnose tiles.

Exude luxury with these grey tiles in your home…

These limestone tiles are also great for indoor tile projects. Our customers have previously used these in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and laundry as well as general floor tiling throughout the house. They’ve also been used for creating striking feature walls, fireplaces and staircases.

Being a natural product, they are porous. If you drop food or drink on your stone tiles, you need to clean the spill up straight away. We highly recommend you seal your limestone as a precaution and to avoid damaging them. Sealing is especially important in areas such as kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and eating areas where spillages are likely to occur.

These grey tiles have neutral grey natural tones which allows for easy styling in both traditional and modern interiors. Bringing these natural stone textures will exude an overall feeling of luxury in your home.

They have a high non slip rating which makes them safe to use around outdoor and wet areas such as pool pavers, patio paving and outdoor tiles.


We deliver our range of Travertine Tiles and Pavers, French Pattern Tiles, Outdoor Tiles, Indoor Tiles and Pool Coping Tiles across Australia. We offer Express posted FREE SAMPLES and door-to-door in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart & other regional areas n Australia at reasonable freight rates.


610x406x12mm or 12mm French Pattern, 610x406x30mm, 610x406x30mm Pool Coping Tumbled, 610x406x30mm Pool Coping Bullnose, 610x406x40/20mm, 610x406x75/20mm