Silver Travertine Pool Coping Drop Down (Rebate)


About Silver Travertine Pool Coping Drop Down (Rebate)

✓ Safe Non Slip Surface      ✓ Cool Underfoot      ✓ Weather Resistant      ✓ Matching Pool Coping / Stone Capping

These striking travertine tiles and pavers are in the Silver Travertine colour. This stone consists of swirls and flecks in various shades of grey with a subtle beige undertone. If you’d like an enhanced warmer look check out Oyster Silver Travertine Tiles & Pavers.

These travertine tiles and pavers have an unfilled and tumbled surface. This means that the natural pits in the travertine are exposed. You can choose to grout the pits if you’d like an even filled surface. At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we have a matching stone tile grout for Silver Travertine.

Matching silver travertine pool coping tiles are also available with a tumbled, bullnose or drop face pool coping edge

Custom sizes are available on special requests. Also, you can select matching Pool Pavers.

These tiles have neutral grey natural tones which allows for easy styling in both traditional and modern interiors. Bringing these natural stone textures will exude an overall feeling of luxury in your home.



We deliver our range of Travertine Tiles and Pavers, French Pattern Tiles, Outdoor Tiles, Indoor Tiles and Pool Coping Tiles across Australia. We offer Express posted FREE SAMPLES and door-to-door in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart & other regional areas in Australia at reasonable freight rates.


610x406x12mm or 12mm French Pattern, 610x406x30mm or 30mm French Pattern, 610x406x30mm Pool Coping Tumbled, 610x406x30mm Pool Coping Bullnose, 610x610x30mm, 610x406x40/20mm Drop Face Coping, 610x406x75/20mm Drop Face Coping