Cheap travertine tiles around a pool area.

How to Lay Travertine French Pattern

How to Lay Travertine French Pattern?


Every house décor depends on the taste and style of the owner. Whether it is  indoor or  outdoor, décor that is studded with natural stones has a charm of its own. This is why when you are trying to layout tiles on the floor, the most important thing to consider is the look and durability. After all, you have invested so much money on them.

Travertine Ivory tiles and pavers melbourne
See an example of Travertine French Pattern Tiles around a pool

There are many natural stones available today, which increases the level of research on which tiles or pavers to go for. Travertine is one of the top picks. This natural stone is a versatile choice for many homeowners today because it provides a lot of color options and is can sustain any weather conditions. However, there is a one-floor layout that has set a huge pedestal for itself and is opted by millions of people, and that is “The French Pattern layout.”

In this blog below, we will discuss what exactly is the French Pattern and the benefits of the design.


What Is a French Pattern Layout?

Ivory French Pattern Travertine Tiles and pavers Melbourne
See example of an Ivory Travertine French Pattern Tile

If you are a fan of natural stones like Travertine or marble, then the “French Pattern Layout” will surely intrigue you. The French Pattern is nothing but a combination of four different stone types that come in various sizes.

The most typical breakdown of the stone size consists of these:

  • Four pieces of 203 x 203 tiles.
  • Two pieces of 610×406 tiles.
  • Four pieces of 406x 406 tiles.
  • Two pieces of 406 x 203 tiles.

All these 12 tiles equates to approx. 1.5m² which creates one whole pattern

The French Pattern Travertine is an excellent choice for all exterior and interior décor. The tile thickness makes it a perfect choice for laying on facades, patios, pool decks, balconies, driveways, fireplaces and much more.

The stones or the tiles are laid in an interlocking pattern, which provides the layout of both a gorgeous look and a adds a unique character to any area.

Another prime aspect of the layout is that it is available in both tiles and pavers. The travertine stones used for the French Pattern are of the best quality in Australia. These tiles or pavers are available in Australia like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane which makes them easy to purchase.


Benefits of Installing a French Pattern Layout: 

The French Pattern carries with it a number of advantages. From a timeless French look and cost-effective benefits, the layout has been used by many architects and landscapers.


Silver French Pattern Travertine Tiles Melbourne
See example of Silver French Pattern Travertine Tiles around a pool

Classic Appeal

One of the prime reasons as to why one opts for French Pattern is due to its timeless look. The design is not only easy to install but provides an old-world charm to the finished design. All the Travertine tiles used in this layout have a matte and rustic look, which increases the beauty of the areas they are installed in.

Easy On Pocket

Now, this feature is something that caters to one and all. Everybody wants an economical yet effective way of making their homes look fabulous. The French Pattern offers just that. People who opt for larger tiles only can see that the cost has exceeded their overall budget. These tiles are easy on the pocket as the layout has a combination of both larger and small tiles. While the larger tiles are broken up to be interlocked with the smaller ones, the whole arrangement becomes less expensive.


It is no surprise that the French Pattern features a variety of tiles all laid together. This provides an additional benefit to the spaces. This type of Pattern fits well for both expansive and compressed spaces as well.

You can use the Pattern to deck up the entire walkway, patio, and porch. In this way, the spaces will appear larger and more cohesive to the eyes. For those who wants to make an area look larger you could always choose our Extra Large French Pattern Travertine.



As with any home décor project, the first and foremost step before laying out tiles is by taking careful measurements of the space to be laid.  Make sure to keep the Pattern lined up correctly, ensure that the spaces left between are consistent.

French Pattern is a versatile layout which is now being prominently featured in many architectural projects. While there are a lot of other options that can be checked out with Travertine, the French Pattern is the one which is sure to stay fresh, intact, and appeal visually till many years to come. You can’t go wrong with travertine tiles and pavers. Check out the huge range of travertine products here.




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