Travertine tiles for indoors and tiling

Indoor use of Travertine Tiles

Indoor use of Travertine Tiles  Travertine tiles unlike other flooring minerals, Travertine Tiles have been on-trend for many years. Although travertine has been known mostly for outdoor use, there are lovely decoration plans while you use travertine tiles indoors. This article will certainly elate you on the uses of Travertine tiles indoors. So, take a …

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Ivory Travertine pavers and indoor tiles.

How to Grout Travertine?

Grouting Travertine   To understand and explore Grouting Travertine, you need to know first what Travertine is.   What is Travertine? Travertine tiles are a popular choice for flooring. Because they are one of the most robust stone floor tiles on the market, and with its relaxed paint shades, Travertine’s rough-haired look brings depth. Travertine …

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The Pros & Cons of Travertine Floor Tiles

[row style=”collapse” width=”full-width” v_align=”middle”] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image id=”10079″] [/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″ padding=”5% 5% 5% 5%” max_width=”520px”] Travertine is a type of limestone which has been a popular building material for thousands of years… This is due to it being a strong dense stone and its universal appeal. Also, you can find out more …

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French pattern silver travertine tiles around a pool area.

Why Silver Travertine Are The Hottest Pavers of 2021

[row] [col span=”5″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image id=”9793″] [/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″] Silver travertine pavers and tiles have gained HUGE popularity in 2021 and continue to increase in sales… This natural stone has surged in popularity with renovators, architects and landscapers. It’s no wonder, with the rich monochromatic tones and natural luster, silver travertine works well with …

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noce french pattern travertine unfilled and tumbled pavers around pool

What You Need To Know About Travertine Tiles for Pools

[row] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image_box img=”10501″ link=””] Noce Travertine Pool Tiles & Pavers [/ux_image_box] [ux_image_box img=”10559″ link=””] Capri White Travertine Pool Tiles & Pavers [/ux_image_box] [ux_image_box img=”11645″ link=””] Silver Travertine Pool Tiles & Pavers [/ux_image_box] [/col] [col span=”8″ span__sm=”12″]   At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we have a large array of stunning travertine pool tiles and …

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What are the best indoor travertine tiles?

[row] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_image_box img=”9865″ link=””] Ivory Travertine Tiles [/ux_image_box] [ux_image_box img=”10314″ link=””] Pearl Grey Tiles [/ux_image_box] [/col] [col span=”8″ span__sm=”12″] Nothing beats the lustre, quality look and feel of travertine stone tiles in the home. Many real estate agents, interior designers and builders recommend investing in natural stone tiles to increase the value …

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