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Evoking classical appeal of antiquity, Ivory Travertine tiles will add timeless value to your space…

The natural tumbled edges and surface void textures feel as though they are a part of classical antiquity. Ivory travertine tiles have been used universally for centuries as a popular building material. This means choosing ivory travertine is a safe and practical choice that is always on trend. It is known as the little black dress of stone tiles and pavers.

Many renovators love the warm tones which makes a space look that extra bit inviting. The colours typically range between a beige, white and creams. The neutrality of these tiles allows for easy and transitional styling. This means that whatever the style of your property (be it modern, contemporary or traditional), these Ivory Travertine tiles are likely to complement your style. The natural textures are understated yet elegant adding a touch of luxury to your interior or exterior space.

As well as its natural beauty, Ivory Travertine are a practical tiling solution. They are naturally tough, weather resistant and have a cool touch surface.

Please note: these travertine tiles are tumbled and unfilled. This means that they are likely to have sporadic surface holes and voids. These are natural characteristics of travertine stone. If you’re using these travertine tiles as a stone floor, you may choose to have these holes filled with grout for easier cleaning. If you want a completely filled look, choose Travertine Honed & Filled Tiles.

Travertine stone is easy to clean and maintain. Simply sweep clean any dirt.

For a more thorough clean, travertine responds well to high pressure cleaning. Use a mild solution of detergent mixed with water to help get any dirt and grime off your travertine tiles.

Do NOT use Hydrachloric Acid as it may cause pitting on the surface of your tiles.

Sealing will also help to make cleaning easier and maintain the pristine look of your travertine tiles.

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Travertine tiles are naturally tough. However, we always recommend applying a sealer for peace of mind. Especially if you’re using these tiles for flooring in high spill areas such as a dining room, kitchen or outdoor entertaining area.

Tile sealer offers additional protection and also makes ongoing cleaning a lot quicker and easier.

Apply tile sealer on your travertine pavers before applying your tile grout.  This is recommended as it will also make cleaning up after grouting a lot easier.

At Travertine Tiles Warehouse, we also stock tile enhancers suitable for travertine stone. Tile enhancers are great if you want to make your tiles appear lighter or darker whilst providing added protection.

Great quality tile sealers and tile enhancers are also available for purchase at Travertine Tiles Warehouse.

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