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Make a statement with the chic monochromatic textures of Silver Travertine tiles and pavers

Silver travertine tiles and pavers are popular with renovators, architects and landscapers who want to achieve the “marble tiles” look with the practicality and added benefits of travertine stone.

These luxurious looking tiles feature natural swirls and flecks typically consisting of silvery greys, beige, charcoal and cream. The colour palette is neutral but with enough boldness to make a statement feature.

As well as its natural beauty, silver travertine pavers are a smart tiling solution. They are naturally tough, weather resistant and have a cool touch surface which makes them ideal outdoor pavers.

Use these travertine tiles as pool pavers to enhance the cool blue tones of your pool. It will make your pool, spa and pond appear more striking. The cool to touch surface means that they are great barefoot on those sweltering hot summer days.

Additionally, travertine tiles and pavers have a natural non slip surface. This means that they are a safer option for wet areas such as pool coping, ponds, kitchen floors and bathroom floors. This is particularly important to consider if you have children or pets.

Please note: these silver travertine tiles are tumbled and unfilled. This means that they are likely to have sporadic surface holes and voids. These are natural characteristics of travertine stone. If you’re using these travertine pavers as a stone floor, you may choose to have these holes filled with grout for easier cleaning. If you want a completely filled look, choose Silver Travertine Honed & Filled Tiles.

 610x406mm12mmTumbled Edge$109.00 / m2$59.00 / m2 
 610x406mm30mmTumbled Edge$142.00 / m2$89.00 / m2 
 610x610mm30mmTumbled Edge$69.00 / ea$45.00 / ea

Silver Travertine Tiles French Pattern

 French Pattern12mmTumbled Edges$109.00 / m2$59.00 / m2
 French Pattern30mmTumbled Edges$142.00 / m2$89.00 / m2

When it comes to the maintenance of your silver travertine tiles and pavers, it only requires simple sweeping and pressure washing.

Use a mild solution of detergent mixed with water to help get any dirt and grime off your silver travertine tiles and pavers.

It is strongly recommended to avoid using hydrochloric acid, which may cause pitting on the surface. Chemical agents may cause staining and discolouration of the stone’s surface.

For a long-lasting appeal, it’s recommended to seal your silver travertine tiles to maintain their natural, pristine look.

Travertine tiles are naturally tough. However, we always recommend applying a sealer for peace of mind. Especially if you’re using these tiles for flooring in high spill areas such as a dining room, kitchen or outdoor entertaining area.

Tile sealer offers additional protection and also makes ongoing cleaning a lot quicker and easier.

Apply tile sealer on your travertine pavers before applying your tile grout.  This is recommended as it will also make cleaning up after grouting a lot easier.

Here at Travertine Tiles, we also stock tile enhancers suitable for travertine stone. Tile enhancers are great if you want to make your tiles appear lighter or darker whilst providing added protection.

Great quality tile sealers and tile enhancers are also available for purchase at Travertine Tiles Warehouse.

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