Travertine pools and pool coping tiles

Benefits Of Using Travertine As Pool Coping

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a kind of limestone produced by mineral deposits of natural springs.


Top Benefits You Need To Consider:

Travertine Pool coping silver travertine pavers melbourne
Here is an example of Silver Travertine around a pool

Safe High Non-Slip Rating

Are you scared of moving around the pool with your children? Because of the slipping property of the other flooring material.

But take courage and give a change to your floor. You will not regret your decision.

Travertine is one of the most porous stones you can use operating with your pool deck.

Travertine pool coping tiles and pavers finish with a simple square edge around the pool.

The processing method fills the worst offenders to produce an operational base. Still, it does not extract the water retention aspect of the stone.

Your damp feet would be less messy on this surface, so the mud does not hang on for a long time.

Now you can enjoy your me-time by relaxing the mind and let your children play freely. Because now you no need to worry about the slippery feature of other tiles.


Cool Surface

In the summer, when the temperatures are rising, you want to take a bath in your pool. But you are restricting yourself to go to the pool because of its unbearable super-hot surface in the summer. Now make a change with the Travertine tile. You will feel the changes after that.

Travertine has excellent heat-resistant properties. And if the stone is directly exposed to sunshine, it would feel cool to the touch when you step on it in your bare feet, for this makes it a handy item for any home landscaping scenario that includes the combination of hot tub, spa, and swimming pool. Now enjoy the summer in your favourite pool.


travertine pool coping silver travertine pavers melbourne
Here is an example of Silver Oyster Travertine around a pool


Long-Lasting Quality

Travertine is not only useful for protection, but it is also well known for being robust and can withstand high heat. No matter how hot the temperature is in your city, travertine is inherently designed to last.

Now you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family at the poolside without worrying about the damage to your tile.


Avoid Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a significant drawback for many traditional construction materials for a pool deck since the sun will also induce colour changes.

Travertine avoids this problem. You may also opt to match various colours to create a customized look around your pool.


travertine pool coping ivory travertine pavers melbourne
Here is an example of Ivory Travertine around a pool

Easy to install

Many travertine pool decks can be quickly built on a large, even surface that has earned compaction to make the soil fit for construction. You should position a sheet of cloth around the base to avoid vegetation development in the future. When the soil is primed, you will build sand, mortar, crushed stone, or cement foundation.


Easy to replace

Replacing the broken travertine with the newer one is a straightforward process. In the case of the tile block pattern also, it is easy to replace.

You only need to pull up the broken tile or the whole pattern to replace it with the new one in both cases.



With so many benefits, the travertine coping is pocket-friendly also. You do need to think about the budget. It is cheaper than the other marble or granite surface.

The other style benefit of using travertine for your pool deck: the pool coping. You will align the pool’s edge with the rest of the patio by combining it with the same travertine mixture. With these parts in place, your pool couldn’t look any better.



In the end, you will be in love with this benefit of travertine as a pool coping. It is reliable, inexpensive, safe, stunning, and  easy to clean and maintain. You can’t go wrong with travertine pool coping. They are a great investment to upgrade and add value to your property. Check out the huge range of travertine products here.


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