Why You Should Choose Only 100% Natural Stone Tiles

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Undeniable natural beauty

While everyone has their own individual tastes, there is almost always a stone tile that resonates with someone. There are thousands of stones to choose from. Travertine tiles have a universal appeal because of it’s warm tones and range of both dramatic and subdued tones.


Strong and durable

While some stone tiles such as marble, granite and quartz require a little more care. In the long run, stone tiles are a great investment due to their strength. However, with the right maintenance, any stone can last forever. If you choose a very porous stone tile, make sure you seal it properly. As a result, we love selling travertine tiles because they are have an undeniable strength and appeal that is unmatched. Travertine tiles are also a great choice for outdoors because they can easily survive extreme leaps in temperature. It’s no surprise, that the Colosseum (which is made completely from travertine stone), has lasted thousands of years!


Unique look

No two stones are the same. Even travertine tiles from the same quarry have different characteristics and attributes from each other. With natural stone tiles, you hold a unique part of nature in your home.  Each piece has an individual quality and personality that can’t be replicated. As a result, every stone piece tells a story of how it has been created and molded from the earth. Natural stone has formed naturally from the earth that has a greater appeal rather than a lifeless conventional replica tile. Own a piece of the nature with the ever elegant natural stone tiles.


Each piece of stone has life and energy

Many geologists and other stone enthusiasts believe that stone holds an energy. Many people believe that a stone has a personality and mood that can provide positive natural vibes if you’re in close proximity to it.


Natural stone tiles have an unbeatable elegance and timelessness about them. Stone tiles are also extremely versatile. This means you can use stone tiles for indoors for your floor, stone splashback, stone feature wall and stone fireplace. Outdoors, stone tiles are practical and look amazing for your patio tiles, pool coping, stone paths and driveways.

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Get inspired with the endless possibilities of travertine…

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Famous for the best quality travertine tiles and pool coping at the best prices!

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Our great reputation is because we deliver quality travertine at the best prices. Please let us know if you happen to find a better price and we’ll beat it!

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