What are the best indoor travertine tiles?

Nothing beats the lustre, quality look and feel of travertine stone tiles in the home. Many real estate agents, interior designers and builders recommend investing in natural stone tiles to increase the value of your property…

Travertine tiles are a great option for your indoor tiling. This is because they have are strong, have a universal appeal, add warmth, add a luxurious stone texture and aren’t as visually obstructive as other stones. Travertine tiles will instantly give your interior design a lift and enhance the space around it.

There are many sizes, colours, textures and finished to choose from.

If you want to incorporate travertine tiles in your interior space, we recommend choosing honed and filled tiles. Honed and filled travertine is when the holes and voids typical in travertine stone are filled. Therefore, this creates a smooth, flat surface which makes it easy to sweep clean and mop. Travertine tiles look amazing in kitchen floors, splashbacks, bathroom floors, family rooms and dining room tiling.

As well as using travertine tiles indoors, you can create a seamless look by continuing the look in your outdoor area with travertine outdoor tiles.


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