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Sealing and Protecting Travertine Tiles

Silver limestone (travertine) tiles on a set of steps.

Sealing and Protecting Travertine Tiles   Travertine Tiles are an elegant form of limestone tiles that are used to carpet the floor. Although this is durable like any other form of stone tiles, it is comparatively cheaper than granite or marble. Travertine Tiles are mainly used outdoors, where there is a chance of heavy wear […]

How to Lay Travertine French Pattern

Cheap travertine tiles around a pool area.

How to Lay Travertine French Pattern?   Every house décor depends on the taste and style of the owner. Whether it is  indoor or  outdoor, décor that is studded with natural stones has a charm of its own. This is why when you are trying to layout tiles on the floor, the most important thing […]

How to Grout Travertine?

Ivory Travertine pavers and indoor tiles.

Grouting Travertine   To understand and explore Grouting Travertine, you need to know first what Travertine is.   What is Travertine? Travertine tiles are a popular choice for flooring. Because they are one of the most robust stone floor tiles on the market, and with its relaxed paint shades, Travertine’s rough-haired look brings depth. Travertine […]

Benefits Of Using Travertine As Pool Coping

Travertine pools and pool coping tiles

What is Travertine? Travertine is a kind of limestone produced by mineral deposits of natural springs.   Top Benefits You Need To Consider: Safe High Non-Slip Rating Are you scared of moving around the pool with your children? Because of the slipping property of the other flooring material. But take courage and give a change […]