Why Travertine Pool Coping Is The BEST Decision

Travertine pools and pool coping tiles

There are a multitude of options with choosing tiles and pool coping

There are many stone options and decking options to choose from. However, before you get overwhelmed with the myriad of choices, you will ultimately come back to travertine…

There are many reasons you should choose travertine over any other stone or decking option.

Travertine stone is the most popular choice for pool coping, pavers and tiles around the world…

It has a many benefits such as it’s timeless look, it feels amazing underfoot, is incredibly durable, easy to clean and more!

As Australians, we love the great outdoors. As a result, we typically spend much of our spare time in relaxing in nature or having a catch up with mates in our backyards around the barbecue.

If you’re lucky enough to own a pool, it is the centerpiece of your outdoor area. It is your private relaxing retreat as well as an inviting gathering spot for all your friends and family to make memories.

If your pool area needs an upgrade, you can’t go past travertine. Using travertine pool coping and pavers will make a huge difference to the look and feel of your pool area…


Travertine is better outdoors

Travertine has a naturally cooler touch than any other paving stone. As a result, travertine pool coping is a more practical choice when you and your family are enjoying the summer months outdoors. Typically, most people want to enjoy their pool and outdoor area more when the weather is warmer.

Imagine the unpleasant experience of trying to climb out of a pool and have to grip your hands onto the piping hot pool coping tiles. Then to quickly make your way on bare feet across what feels like hot coals on your bare feet. Ouch!

These unpleasant experiences will be drastically reduced if you install travertine tiles and pool coping. That’s why it makes sense to choose travertine pool coping over any other stone or paving material.


Travertine is environmentally friendly

When travertine tiles and pavers are made, there are less man made processes involved compared with other stone options. The stone is harvested naturally from hot springs with minimal processing. Therefore, travertine is a great choice to reduce your environmental footprint as well as bringing natural beauty to your pool area and surrounds.


Travertine is a safer option with high slip resistance

Travertine stone has natural grip. This is important to consider especially if you have elderly people or children likely to be around your pool area. Prevent unnecessary slips and falls with the practical high slip resistance by installing travertine pavers and pool coping around your pool area.

In addition, with travertine pool coping tiles, having the extra grip makes it easy to enter and exit your pool and spa.

Also, compared to any other paving stones or materials, travertine tiles and pool coping absorb the most water. As a result, this means that there are less puddles and water resting on the surface of the tiles compared with other stone options.


There are many colours and styles of travertine available

In addition to being a highly practical stone, travertine has many styles to suit your pool design. At Travertine Tiles Pavers Warehouse, we have a large range of travertine pool coping tiles to choose from. These include the classic Ivory Travertine, popular Silver Travertine, Mocha Travertine and more!

Also, they come in styles such as the rounded edge bullnose, drop face and tumbled edges. With these styled pool coping edges, you can achieve a different pool look.

With bullnose pool coping, you will achieve a softer, more traditional edge around your pool. Bullnose tiles, also are handy as the rounded edge makes it easier to grab hold of.

Typically, our customers choose drop face rebate pool coping tiles when they want a more modern, clean pool edge to “drop” into the side of their pool. Alternatively, they may choose the drop down style if they are trying to conceal old pool tiles on the sides.

Tumbled edge (square edge) pool coping is a natural looking minimalist pool coping style which stops at the edge of the pool with no drop. These are also the cheaper travertine pool coping style option.


Travertine tiles are a smart long term investment

Travertine pool coping and tiles are extremely strong and weather resistant. You won’t need to worry about them if they experience heat waves or drastic jumps in temperature. You also won’t need to maintain them as often as other paving and pool coping materials. Travertine stone is extremely hardy and stong.

Also, other stone tiles tend to experience colour fading over time, making the entire pool area and surrounds look weathered. With travertine, you will not experience this. The colour you bought your travertine will stay the same. It is no doubt that choosing travertine tiles and pool coping is a smart decision to last the test of time.


Get inspired with the endless possibilities of travertine…


Our great reputation is because we deliver quality travertine at the best prices. Please let us know if you happen to find a better price and we’ll beat it!

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